Café History

Café Impact is democratizing access to careers of conscience.  

Our awesome social change agents give you the nitty-gritty career-building skills you need to get started changing the world.  Check out their powerful insights about the real challenges all social entrepreneurs face.

With Akaya Windwood 2

Watch the videos.  Stand with us for economic and social justice.

Café Impact was started in 2011 by a Baby Boomer, Jonathan Lewis.  That’s him on camera doing the interviews, but it was team effort by kickass advisors, board members and an executive producer – all from the Millennial Generation.

Want to hear our hearts?  Read Journey for Justice.

Want to know our host?  Watch Jonathan Lewis Interviewed on Free Speech TVFor once, the interview tables are turned on him!

Judge for yourself, but we think the videos are useful, compelling and at points inspiring.  The “we” is, left to right:  Tiffany Persons, Executive Director, Shine on Sierra Leone; Chantal Sheehan, former executive producer; Saul Garlick, CEO, ThinkImpact; plus Jonathan.

Saul GarlickHmmmTiffanyThe first name for Café Impact was iOnPoverty.  Not a great name.  People confused us with every other anti-poverty group.

We also discovered people who are changing the world want to do it – not talk about it online.  Spending time and money developing a robust website with lots of social media bells and whistles was for naught. Instead of hashtag activism, we stuck to our core competency — making cool videos.

By 2013, the money to film a second round of videos wasn’t there.  If you know anyone with gobs of money who wants to invest in the next cohort of social entrepreneurs, activists and change agents, tell ‘em about us.

In 2014, Jonathan launched a spin-off, the Social Entrepreneurship Clinic.  Using our videos as executive leadership training tools, the Clinic teaches the nitty-gritty, actionable tools required for a social entrepreneurship career.  The Clinic is about doing stuff.

We are very proud and grateful to have birthed this social enterprise.