Social Entrepreneurship Course

Monterey Institute April 28Making Social Entrepreneurship Happen is an intensive undergraduate and graduate course coupled to individual coaching sessions about the practical skills required for a career in social entrepreneurship.  It is taught under the auspices of the Reynolds Program for Social Entrepreneurship, New York University, New York.

Here is the basic idea:  Lofty ideals are not enough.  Wanting to do good is one thing.  Actually doing good is another.  When we hold ourselves to lesser performance standards, it disrespects the impoverished and disenfranchised whom we seek to help and empower.

The instructor is a proponent of “pragmatic pluralism.” Watch Jonathan Lewis talk about social entrepreneurship.

Students — undergraduates or graduates, young professionals and mid-career executives – bring their causes and their passion.  The course, taught by our barista Jonathan Lewis, brings the nitty-gritty, actionable tools to help you get started or step up your game.

  • “Thanks again for the magical last two weeks.” — James Yang, NYU student
  • “I want to say I LOVED this class! Thank you so much; I thought it was fantastic.” — Julia Sanchez, NYU student
  • “Thank you for these amazing two weeks.” — Caitlin Rowles, NYU student
  • “Our class in NY taught me some invaluable skills.  Most of all, it put my North Star back where it neOxford Skoll Centre, 2014eded to be.” — Gregory Karelas, nonprofit  executive
  • “One valuable lesson I’ve learned from you…is that you can never dream big enough.  You’ve given me a lot to think about over the short span of two weeks, and I can’t wait to tell you about my journey in the years to come!” — Caleb Yoon, NYU student

For more information or to request the course syllabus or book Jonathan as a keynote speaker, click here.

(Photos, top to bottom:  Lecturing at the Monterrey Institute for International Studies and screening Cafe Impact videos at Oxford University Said School of Business.)